Initial meetings in my practice normally last about 20 minutes, follow-up appointments – about the same time. We strive as much as possible to meet those deadlines. If during the initial or follow-up appointments diagnostic imaging, such as radiographs, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging examinations are needed, they can be carried out in accordance with the availability of such facilities in the Lorenz Böhler Accident Hospital immediately.

My practice is private, which means that the fee is paid in cash. However, it is also possible to pay by payment slip. With the fee note issued by us, you can submit to your insurance company, where you will get reimbursed (depending on your insurance status) between 5% and 80%.

The first visit costs    € 150 (one hundred and fifty euros)
The following ones    € 80 (eighty euros)

Infiltrations, vaccinations, infusions, etc. are invoiced separately. Diagnostic imaging is for patients who have health insurance in Austria, covered by the appropriate insurance company. Uninsured patients in Austria must also be billed for the diagnostic imaging. The price list is available on request at the secretariat.

When you have your initial appointment, please bring your current x-ray, laboratory tests, CT, MRI findings and images. Furthermore, if possible, the names of therapies and medicines that you have already undertaken.

Patients who come to my practice and do not have a private insurance are: in the case of a necessary operation I will participate in the operation, but a patient will be treated by an assistant or a senior physician. Should anyone want to be operated on personally by me, he would have to pay for the operation privately. Information about the operation tariffs are available at the Secretariat.

Dates are always reserved exclusively for you! Therefore, we kindly ask you if for whatever reason you are unable to come to cancel your appointment no later than 24 hours before by calleing us at 059393-41201. Appointments that were not canceled in time, unfortunately, have to be accounted for.
If you have any questions, please call us.

Best regards,
Prim. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thomas Hausner