Activity Areas

General traumatology with specialization on sports traumatology

  • Surgical and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and their sequelae (consequences)

  • Sports traumatology consulting with focus on Asian martial arts

Hand Surgery and Surgery of the peripheral nervous system

  • surgical treatment and post-treatment of flexor and extensor tendon injuries

  • surgical and conservative treatment of fractures in the hand area

  • surgery of nerve compression syndromes of the upper and lower limb (for example, CTS, sulcus n. Ulnaris syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome)

  • surgical and conservative treatment of degenerative diseases of the hand (for example, rhizarthrosis, posttraumatic degenerative changes such as SLAC or SNAC wrist)

  • wrist arthroscopy

  • Reconstructive surgery after nerve injury

  • operational and infiltration treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture (Morbus Dupuytren)

  • Treatment of complex regional pain syndromes (for example dystrophy and causalgia)

  • Conservative and surgical treatment of peripheral pain syndromes

  • outpatient rehabilitation after nerve injury (virtual sensitivity, kinesthetic, sensory re-education)